Visual Exaggeration. Crisp Lighting. Color Harmony. Optimal Arrangement. Detailed Examination. Hyper-Real.    
Since he was a teen, Ian delighted in requesting glossy product brochures by mail wherein commercial photographers transformed an ordinary Bar-B-Que into an object of desire, or a fine bathroom fixture into part of a daydream.  He also quenched that visual thirst with subscriptions to Harper's Bazaar  and Vogue magazines, feasting his eyes on the visually adventurous fashion photo editorials and accessory advertisements. 
Now a commercial artist for over 20 years, Ian loves making pictures with lighting expertise as his most valuable tool.  Jewelry, fashion accessories, power tools, electronic devices, or almost anything can be uplifted.
Nature is actually Ian's main muse. With family living in Alaska, Colorado, and California, Ian has been extraordinarily lucky to be exposed to some of the most pristine natural beauty.
Ian graduated from the photography department at Parsons School of Design, and lives with his wife and two children in New York City.  

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